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Silverfel is recruiting!

We're a social and inclusive guild whose members run the full spectrum of player types, from totally casual through progression raiders / competitive PvPers - and everything in between.

Our goal is simple: to Have Fun! No drama, no elitism, just a place to meet and play with others. Our only rule is to always respect others and how they choose to play - other than that, play how you want and with who you want.

Looking for more people to play with? Come join us! Got friends? Bring them too! We're always looking for new members:
  • Casual / social players
  • Raiders and raid leaders - flex, normal, and heroic
  • PvPers and PvP leaders - casual BGs, rated BGs, and arena
  • Guild & raid/pvp group mergers - don't have critical mass? Merge with us till you do - and if you like, move back under your prior guild tag once you have enough. We're happy to help you fill out your group!

Current raiding/PvP:
  • We have two raid groups that run on Saturday nights from 7:30-10:30. Contact: Eemerald, Jedery, or Pinkygonwild.
  • Our Tu/We 7:30-10:30 progression group is expanding for Mythic. Contact: Hhalle or Zilandre-Gal.
  • Our PvP groups are building up for Rated BGs - they currently run Sunday nights. Contact: Hariuster-Gal or Hhalle.
  • We'd love to see more Raid and PvP groups form up, both casual and competitive - just need people willing to lead them. Let us know if that's you!
For more info or to join, contact us in-game (/who silverfel) or send mail in-game to Hhalle or Eemerald.

We hope you'll join our Silverfel family - Have Fun!
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#10775548 Mar 09, 2015 at 09:39 AM
Hi there! Looking to join a fun and progression oriented raiding guild like Silverfel. 665 fury/prot warrior. Name is Googlefish-Blackhand, Btag : Varin#1867. I think your on my friends list but just putting this here for the record. thanks! :D

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