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I was surprised to find this out, and thought I'd share just in case others also hadn't heard - that pretty much in WoD:

You should never use warlock healthstones.

Health pots (now called Healing Tonic) no longer share a cooldown with dps/mana potions, but instead share a cooldown with Healthstones (and Shieldtronic Shields - more about these later...). They're also extremely easy to make (and cheap to buy from the AH). Since they heal for quite a bit more than the lock stones, it turns out that these are what we should be using - who knew?

And now for the Shieldtronic Shields:
  • Well these are kinda neat, they don't 'heal' for as much as the Tonics, but they do act as an absorb instead of a true heal. So, for cases when a big hit is coming in that might kill you, this shield might actually be preferred.
  • Also for tanks: this means that pre-pull you can use BOTH Draenic Armor Potion AND Shieldtronic Shield (since they're off the GCD and don't share a cooldown). Pretty sweet stuff!
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