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About Us

Welcome to Silverfel!

About Us:
  1. We have fun playing.
  2. We're big fans of 'group' play.
  3. We grow and strengthen the community, so even more people join us doing #1.
  4. We are: Inclusive, Respectful, Responsible, Helpful, Tolerant, ... and Sexy!
Our 'Rules': We have one simple rule:     Always be respectful of other players, and how they choose to play.
Our Ranks: Our rank structure is flat - everyone is a 'Guildie'.

That's Silverfel in a nutshell! (But if you'd like more detail, that can be found below.)

Join Us!

If interested in joining or guild-partnering, please contact us in game:

  • Send in-game mail to Eemerald and/or Hhalle, and we'll get back to you very soon.
  • Or type    /who Silverfel    to see who's online. Ask any of those if there's someone (rank 'Assistant' or higher) online and available to contact you about joining the guild. Assistants can send you a ginvite, or help with any questions you might have.

We hope to hear from you - Have Fun!

About Us

  1. We have fun playing.

    At our core, having fun playing is what Silverfel is all about. It's an obvious statement, yet it's suprising how many guilds (and players) lose sight of it!

    We know that the vast majority of people are here simply to have fun playing - and feel that our purpose as a guild is to be a great place where every time they log on, they can look forward to doing so.

    Everything we do at Silverfel, is focused on this one priority. You'll see it in our actions, our rules, our rank structure, ... everywhere. And if you like to have fun playing, we hope you'll join us!

  2. We're big fans of 'group' play.

    We feel that the most enjoyment to be had from WoW, is when grouped with others that 'mesh' reasonably well - similar game interests, skill level, real-life schedules, social manner, etc. Once you're routinely joining friends in mumble to tackle group content, you'll experience a side of WoW that many of us feel is what the game is really about.

    So a focus of ours, is to establish new groups (and maintain existing ones) of like-minded players, to get as many people as possible regularly logging in and having fun with friends - be it in raids, battlegrounds, arena, 5mans, scenarios, achievements, whatever. If you're looking for a regular group or want to start one, Silverfel is a great place to do that - there are more like you out there, let us help you find them!

    (Solo play is totally fine - we have plenty of guildies who prefer to play that way. Some quietly do their own thing, others might socialize in guild chat or mumble while soloing. Although we're big proponents of group play, there's no pressure to do so. It's there if you want to take advantage of it - we certainly hope you do - and if you never do, that's cool too.)

  3. We grow and strengthen the community, so even more people join us doing #1.

    We take great pride in our Silverfel tag, and also in being members of the Blackhand realm. Though we encourage healthy and good-natured competition with other guilds, we also recognize that actions which harm other groups, only serve to harm our realm and ourselves. We instead choose to strengthen our server by helping groups, in- and out-of-guild, to be successful:

    • We network with other guild/group leaders to help each other fill empty slots, and with subs when needed.
    • Guilds or groups that are regularly struggling to fill their raid or bg roster, are invited to partner or merge with us. Our hope is to have the critical mass needed to help groups like these, to firm up their roster so they can consistently run.
    • Likewise, in-guild groups that want to break from Silverfel and run under their own tag, are encouraged to do so, with no ill will. On the contrary, we'll wish them the best and hope to stay in contact with them. More groups running under more guild tags is good for Blackhand/Galakrond!
    • We are also proud to be part of the Blackhand Alliance (and Horde) Initiatives, which you can read more about here.
  4. We are:

    • All are welcome here, independent of experience, skill level, play style, or time commitment (and of course, gender, race, orientation, etc.).
    • We always treat others with kindness and respect (in/out-of-guild, alliance/horde, Blackhand/cross-realm).
    • Skill-level is no basis for respect given - there's a person on the other end, and that trumps any gaming ability.
    • We show up to scheduled activities (raids, bgs, etc.) prepared and on time.
    • We recognize that ultimately, you get out of the game what you put into it. (If you put forth the effort, we'll be happy to help. But if you're not willing to do so, don't expect others to waste their time on you - they'd rather be playing!)
    • We're here first to play and have fun, but when others ask, we do everything we can to help.
    • Willingness to help others is valued and appreciated (helping someone improve as a player or accomplish a difficult task, organizing or leading group activities, etc.)
    • We are free to play the game pretty much however we want to, so long as our actions don't hinder others from doing the same.
    Sexy - and we know it
    • Well, we are!

Our 'Rules'

We have one simple rule:

Always be respectful of other players, and how they choose to play.

It's simple, but encompassing:

  • Don't grief, troll, harass, spam, loot-ninja, or kill-steal - anywhere, ever.
  • Elitism will not be tolerated. (Yes, we want our guildies to play to the best of their abilities - but maintain perspective, it is just a game.)
  • 'Be nice' during all chat and mumble discussions. (A healthy banter is highly encouraged! Just keep it well-intentioned, be aware if you start nearing a line, and be quick to dial back if needed.)
  • Basically, follow Wheaton's Law: "Don't be a dick."

Raiders/BGers: go here for rules on how we run our raid and battleground groups.

Our Ranks

Our rank structure is flat - everyone is a 'Guildie'.

The only exceptions are a few who take time out from their playing to assist with guild invites, organizing group activities, and other admin tasks. There's no reward or prestige associated with these ranks, they are strictly for administering the guild - the 'not fun' stuff.

updated Sep 30, '14