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Wowhead Huge database of everything WoW.
WoW Insider
MMO Champion
Ten Ton Hammer
Tank Spot
The most popular WoW News, Blog, & Forum websites.
Patch Notes Blizzard's Patch Notes, including upcoming/PTR.
Warcraft Pets &
Warcraft Mounts
All of the pets and all of the mounts in WoW. Great for collectors and Pet Battlers.
WoW-Professions Profession leveling guides.
El's Extreme Anglin' Everything you ever wanted to know about fishing in WoW.



MoP PvE Gear Guide MoP PvE Gear Tables by class and iLevel. Find what upgrades are available and where to get them, sorted both by slot and by source.
Loot Rank Build and bookmark your own BiS gear list. (Their default scales aren't good, so you'll need to enter your own.)
Ask Mr. Robot Find upgrades, and optimize gemming, enchants, and reforge. Usually has good scales to put into Loot Rank.
WoW Heroes Character audit. Can also lookup at Blizzard Armory.



Icy Veins Icy Veins raid boss guides. A very good place to start when learning a new boss fight.
Wowhead Lookup the boss / raid here to get an overview of the fight, a list of all the boss abilities, loot tables, and best of all, user comments of their strats.
YouTube Search by boss name, for guides made by the likes of Warcraft Academy, Fatboss, Vox Immortalis, Git Er Raid, etc.
MMO Champion
& Blizzard
Check these two raid forums, for posts of the strats various raid groups are using.
MoP Buffs & Debuffs Wowhead guide covering buffs & debuffs, including hunter pets.
RaidComp Raid composition tool.
& Guildox
Two ranking / progression-tracking websites.
Raidbots Compare specs against each other based on actual raid data. Compare yourself against others playing the same spec.



Icy Veins Icy Veins class guides. Very good info for anyone learning the basics of their class. Also good leveling spec info.
Blizz class forums You'll often find a good class/spec guide written by someone here, plus Q&A for specific class abilities and mechanics.
Elitist Jerks Not as good as it used to be, but worth a look to see if anyone has written a current guide.
Arena Junkies 'The' PvP resource.

Death Knight Druid Hunter Mage
  Symbiosis Guide
The Fluid Druid
Big Bear Butt
Huntsman's Lodge
Monk Paladin Priest Rogue
  Theck's Sacred Duty blog (prot) How To Priest
Priest Mechanics Guide
Shaman Warlock Warrior


Silverfel Blackhand
Guild Website
@ OpenRaid
@ Facebook
@ World of Logs
Realm Forum
Realm Status
AH Prices
Pop Stats
Proving Grounds


updated May 10, '14